A Fairytale Christmas

Quick Holiday Guide Edition

Season Must-Haves that will Ease your Holiday Worries.

Oh, sweet Christmas season! What a wonderful time of the year, isn’t it? You can feel the magic on your fingertips. The smell of chestnuts roasting on an open fire acts like a time machine. It takes you back to the good old days when everything you ever wished for was right under the Christmas tree, and the room was so filled with love you could nearly taste it. It feels like Christmas when your heart speeds with the idea of wrapping around the tree with your loved ones. There are hundreds of butterflies in your belly with the sound of Christmas carols on the radio. We have waited all year long for this day; let’s make it a night to remember! Every detail must be taken care of to ensure each room looks like a fairytale Christmas spot and welcomes each of our guests with the right season spirit. But how can this dreamy Christmas happen with so little time and several things to care about?

Well, merry Christmas to you all! This is our gift for you! It is a quick guide to ease your seasonal stress, at least when it comes to choosing perfect, iconic, and exclusive holiday decorations. 

Meet our December Must-Haves

Exclusive Roses, Spray Roses, Alstroemerias, and Victorians will bring the glamour and warmth of Christmas Spirit right to your door. Let’s start!



Roses here and there make the holidays feel in the air! When a white touch is needed, our Mondial variety will remind you of a snowy morning, the sweet smell of hot chocolate top coated with cinnamon sprinkles, and that heartwarming feeling of having your dear ones gathered around the fireplace.


If you feel like “pinking it up,” our Pink Floyd delicacy recalls the holiday spirit at its purest! Its color is as vivid as the feeling of boxing day morning. Simply unforgettable.

Finally, a classic red beauty is always needed, like our Freedom variety, which is the meaning itself of romanticism. The perfect expression of love and elegance in every petal. It’s the ideal choice when you feel that everything you wished for has come true under the mistletoe…

Spray Roses to Melt your Heart


Spray Roses… oh, where to start! It is hard to find such cute and meaningful delicacies like these ones!

When talking about Holiday Basics, our White Majolika.” is a classic white choice. This romantic beauty reminds us of new beginnings and fills us with the hope of a brand new year full of new adventures with the ones we love the most.


There is no matching beauty like our Pink Irischka.” . Petals are as delicate as a mother’s wake-up kiss on Christmas morning. A holiday classic that will make you sigh without a doubt.

Regarding bold moves, our Purple Irischka is wearing its brightest holiday outfit and knows it will steal all the looks in the room! It brings all the excitement and joy from the minutes right before Christmas Night!

Jolly Victorian Roses



On the other hand, if you are feeling in a wild and exotic mood, our Victorian roses are your perfect match! Like ourSnow Bliss variety that evokes the natural beauty one can find in a chaotic season blizzard. (very likely to the beauty of surviving Christmas shopping, doesn’t it?)


And how can we forget about our Victorian Paloma”! with its bold pink and white hues that resemble a tiny bit of the northern lights. There is no doubt that Victorians are a luxurious and unorthodox touch that will fill your spaces with a unique touch.

Alstroemerias to Dream



And last but not least, we have the dreamy Alstroemerias, an idyllic alternative for your Christmas adornments. Like ourFrozen variety, which holds a wintry mysticism between its white and red tones. It brings to life the happiest holiday memories and carries the hope of unspoken dreams to be fulfilled. 



To finalize this holiday list, our Romance Alstroemeria comes with an avalanche of love and Christmas Spirit in every bloom! If it was a song, it would be a piece of musical art that brings joy to every heart that listens to it. 

We hope this Christmas 101 edition has been of good help to you, and overall, it becomes one less thing to worry about during this hectic but lovely time. 

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to Everybody! We send our dearest wishes to you and your cherished ones these holidays! May you love the giver more than the gifts, and the Christmas spirit fulfills your souls with hope and joy all year.

“Christmas isn’t a Season, it’s a Feeling” – Edna Ferber

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