We invite you to get to know us a little bit better!

Quality Service S. A. Qualisa is a dutch owned ecuadorian company that has been committed to producing high quality cut flowers since 1992. We are located in the Cayambe Valley at 2850 meters above sea level, where weather condition are optimal for 30 ha of rose cultivation.

At Qualisa, we work with high-tech crop conditions. We make use of modern greenhouses, propagation area, weather control system, and cold chain facilities which guarantee great flower quality along all year round.

Our roses ensure you a long stem, intense colors and clean and healthy foliage. These characteristic have made of QualisA a quality commercial icon in the world of flowers.

Lately, we have worked on improving the logistic chain through our new optimized packing design. You will feel the impact with costs and perfect packaging according to the product.

Our practices must have a beneficial impact not only for the product itself but for the environment where they are produced and for the personnel involved on its production.

QualisA is committed to assure the wellbeing of every employee on health, security aspects lead by the local labor requirements based on the Universal Human Rights Codes.