QualisA Quito is a company engaged in the production and exportation of roses. We guarantee a high quality product, always fresh with an optimized packing design that reduces freight costs. QualisA is always one step ahead with customer service. Our sales team has the most qualified and enthusiastic people who will be happy to help our customers with their needs. We are always looking for new ways to satisfy your needs with diverse and attractive product lines such as Hydrangeas and soon to come Spray Roses and Alstroemerias.



Qualisa started offering Miami availability in 2013. Our aim was to be one step closer to our clients and offer the freshest most consistent product with exceptional service. Along these years, we have been able to fulfill these objectives satisfactorily. We carry a competitive inventory that has the most optimized packaging for your convenience. Miami sales are very fast paced and we are always focused on offering an assortment of fresh and up to date novelty varieties according to your necessities.



We offer fresh inventory in Holland (flower + freight). Our freight cost is lower because we use a big consolidation. We are one of the oldest companies exporting to Holland. We also sell our roses in water to give an extra service to our customers.