Claims policy

Dear customers, the main purpose of our claim policy is to find possible improvements and/or solutions to problems that due to the nature of our products, may occur in the supply chain from our side. In case this occurs please follow the next policies and procedures:
  1. All flower shipments must be inspected upon arrival to their final destination.
  2. Being a perishable product, claims will be accepted within a maximum period of days from the delivery from the farm. Due to the characteristics of the product we are not responsible for extended transport routes.
  3. The claim must clearly explain the perceived quality problem. Pictures must be attached. Please send this information to your sales representative.
  4. All bunches photographed must include the bar code label located in the inner part of the corrugated carton sheet.
  5. Pictures taken should be proportional to the amount of bunches being claimed (1 picture per claimed bunch). The photo must clearly demonstrate the problem and the bar code should be visible in each bunch.
  6. Do not destroy or discard the flowers, boxes, labels or flower wraps. In specific situations our personnel will verify the flowers on-site. Please verify with your sales representative.
  7. The following situations are not our responsibility and claims must be sent to the related companies:
    a. Shipment delays
    b. Lost boxes
    c. Damaged boxes that affect quality of flowers.
    d. Damage due to high temperatures during transportation.
  8. We will accept the claim for the value of the flowers when it is demonstrated that the origin of the problem was at the farm.
  9. 9. Credits due to administrative failures; e.g. invoicing errors, must be claimed in a maximum period of 1 month from the shipment date.