Region and climate

Our farms are located at the Cayambe Valley, 1 hour north from Quito, capital of Ecuador. The Cayambe mountain is an active volcano that rises 5,790 meters above sea level. It is the third highest volcano in Ecuador. Eternal glaciers from the volcano provide de Valley of chill winds during day and night. Daytime temperature can reach as much as 24°C and as low as 2°C during some nights. Average temperature of this Valley is 12°C. ). This mild climate all year around provides appropriate growing conditions for roses and cut flowers all year around.

QualisA nowadays has 2 production farms and reaches over 30 hectares of greenhouses dedicated mainly to rose production for cut flowers purposes. A commercial – trial area is dedicated for growing of special varieties; helping us decide in a opportune way the newest varieties and tendencies of the market.


Ecuador is considered “The Center of the World” since the Equatorial Line crosses this country. The Cayambe Valley is 0’00’’00’’’ from the Equatorial Line. This condition of location gives 12 hours of sunlight all 365 days during a year.


QualisA farms are located at 2,850 meters above sea level. Intensity of UV rays at this altitude is the reason why colors on our roses are as brightest and intense as nowhere else on the planet The combination of these factors gives the appropriate and unique conditions for growing the most beautiful, tallest, biggest and brightest flowers of the world.


Our greenhouses have a metallic-structure and internal climate conditions are automated and controlled by sophisticated computer programs assuring the perfect environment for rose cultivation.

Propagation area

QualisA has a specialized high-tech propagation and nursery facility to provide the production areas with the most vigorous and disease-free vegetative material which is the basis for a healthy and strong rose plant. The quality of a rose starts by using the best material from the beginning.

Post harvest

Each one of our two production farms is provided with a state of the art post harvest and cold rooms that assures the optimal care of a rose stem after it is harvested from the field. A clean, sanitized and organized post harvest facility with the best trained personnel assures that our client will receive the freshest and most uniform rose bunch from QualisA.

Cooling facilities

Our cold rooms are kept day and night at a uniform temperature of 2°C. It is important to know that 2°C in the “cold chain” of the roses provides a dramatic difference on the vase life of your roses!